The Institute of Art History in Zagreb is a public institution founded in 1961 with the goal of improving and systemizing scientific activity in the field of national artistic and historical heritage.

The Institute’s activities comprise scientific and applied research in humanities – within the field of art history and associated interdisciplinary fields related to art history, library- and documentation services, publishing activity, participation in the higher education system, scientific training and adult education, promotion of art history as a humanistic discipline significant for the development of society.

The Institute’s activities include:

  • research of Croatian artistic heritage and its scientific- theoretical interpretation conducted through national and international scientific projects
  • processing and systemizing art-historical material
  • publishing research results
  • library and documentation services
  • independent publishing activity
  • organizing scientific conferences of national and international relevance
  • collaboration with higher education institutions regarding scientific work and the implementation of study programs
  • producing, collecting and scientific processing of architectural- and photo documentation
  • collaborative work in the field of cultural monuments conservation and restoration
  • collaborative work in the field of spatial planning
  • collaborative work in activities of museums, galleries and related institutions
  • production of an appropriate information system
  • popularization of research within the field of art history
  • collaboration with scientific and expert institutes on national and international level
  • production of conservation studies, surveys, and expert reports
  • formation of expert opinions and advice pertaining to the Institute’s activities.

The Institute’s program is based on continuous scientific research of the national monument heritage conducted within procured scientific- and research projects and within various national and international temporary projects (exhibitions, targeted research, cultural- and scientific manifestations).

As the central institution for the construction and maintenance of scientific and documentation infrastructure of Croatian art history, the Institute is continuously building on its specialized library, photo archives, and architectural drawings collection, as well as various specialized data bases (hagiotopography of Croatia, etc.).

In order to disseminate the results of research conducted by the Institute’s employees and other scientists, during the 1980s the Institute initiated its publishing activity based on the production of three journals – Journal of the Institute of Art History (scholarly journal), Život umjetnosti (professional- scholarly journal), and Kvartal (professional journal), as well as through the production of series’ of scholarly books.

Aspiring towards a connection to the system of higher education, the Institute collaborates with higher education institutions in Croatia and abroad, both through scientific work and the implementation of study programs.

The Institute contributes to the popularization of science through its scientists’ and expert associates’ involvement in media projects, their TV and radio presence and their various public appearances and manifestations.