International conference

Digital Art History II

Digital Art History – Methods, Practices, Epistemologies II
International Conference, 4 – 6 November, 2019

organized by the Institute of Art History, Zagreb and
SRCE – University of Zagreb, University Computing Centre

Subject Fields: Digital Art History, Digital History of Architecture, Visual Culture Studies, Museology, Digital Cultural Heritage, Social and Cultural History Studies, Design Research, Information Science, Network Science

​The second edition of the Conference Digital Art History – Methods, Practices, Epistemologies is aiming at bringing together established and early career scholars, independent researchers, and professionals involved with the transdisciplinary digital research initiatives, who are interested in critically examining most recent developments in the field of Digital Art History.

​Along with the presentations of the ongoing or recently completed research projects, and unpublished discussions concerning theoretical, methodological, or epistemological issues of Digital Art History, we encourage the papers focusing on the methods used to approach a complex research questions, and on issuing theoretical and technical problems that might be of interest to wider DAH community.

Topics that might be examined include, but are not limited to:

DAH practices & approaches to

  • Network visualizations, and social networks analysis
  • Digital mapping, imaging, and modelling
  • Integration of visual, spatial and temporal analysis
  • Computational text analysis (topic modelling, data mining, qualitative text analysis, spatial and textual topographies)

DAH data practices

  • Institutional and disciplinary research data management services and infrastructures
  • Good practices to achieve research transparency and reproducibility
  • Data management plans (DMP)
  • Implementations of FAIR data principles
  • Interoperability, standards, and shared data sources

​​Collaborative research

  • Collaborative research networks & platforms
  • Collaboration and communication of scholarly insights within and across disciplines
  • Advantages and limits of collaborative research​​

DAH policies & epistemologies

  • power centres’ and ‘new’ peripheries
  • relation between analogue & digital art history, and change in the character of art historical knowledge
  • DAH pedagogy and scholarship

Paper proposals up to 250 words and a brief biographical note should be sent by 30 June, 2019 to The applicants will be notified about the acceptance of their proposals by 15 July, 2019.

Tools, solutions & ideas forum

​We invite entrepreneurs SME, SM, independent labs, and individual software developers to apply to the Tools, Solutions & Ideas Forum that will be held parallel to the Conference.

The Forum aims to present new digital tools, software solutions, and the ideas for the application of AR, VR and AI technologies in Arts & Humanities, GLAM, and cultural heritage sector.

​The deadline for TSI Applications is August 1st, 2019. For additional information please contact

For more information and application form visit conference website:

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