Znanstveni projekti

Dalmacija kao odredište europskog Grand Toura u 18. i 19. stoljeću

HRZZ projekt
This multi-disciplinary installation research project funded by the Croatian Science Foundation (Hrvatska zaklada za znanost) brings together a team of theorists in the fields of comparison of literature, architectural history, art history, history and architecture to identify, problematise and integrate the issues related to the phenomenon of the description of space, predominantly that of Dalmatia.

The aim is to provide as integral an insight as possible into the influence of Dalmatia on the development of European Neoclassicism and Romanticism and offer a complex culturological portrayal of the Dalmatia of that period, which will also act as a starting point to establish continuity of thought on context evaluation in the historic urban landscape of Dalmatia.

The research project will be conducted in the period from June 2014 to June 2017.

Please visit our website at http://grandtourdalmatia.org/ to learn more about this project.

Principal Investigator
Ana Šverko
, research associate
Institute of Art History – Center Cvito Fisković

Team Members
Ivica Čović, assistant professor
Politecnico di Milano
Irena Kraševac, senior research associate
Institute of Art History, Zagreb
Cvijeta Pavlović, associate professor
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb
Ivana Vlaić, research and teaching assistant
University of Split – Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy
Josip Vrandečić, tenured professor
Faculty of Arts and Humanities, History Department, University of Split
Joško Belamarić, senior research associate
Institute of Art History – Center Cvito Fisković
Pierre Pinon, professor
ENSA de Paris-Belleville and École de Chaillot
research associate at French National Institute of Art History
Flora Turner-Vučetić
art historian, museum curator, diplomat, journalist and writer
Projekt se provodi uz financijsku podršku Hrvatske zaklade za znanost.