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Lina Šojat
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The Institute of Art History’s library was founded in 1969 as a specialized library of a semi-open type, intended primarily for the needs of the Institute’s scientific research and those of its associates. In accordance with that, a large part of the library’s collection consists of books, magazines, exhibition catalogues and other publications from the national art history, as well as the related fields and the comparative foreign literature.

The library’s users are associates on research projects, professors, postgraduates, independent researchers, artists. The library’s content is systematically increasing through exchange, acquisitions, donations and Ministry of Science’s purchases.


The library’s collection consists of more than 20000 units. Since 2004 the library’s materials are processed electronically and the catalogue can be searched on the IAH’s website.

The Art History Institute maintains an exchange of publications(magazines and books) with around a hundred related Croatian and around fifty foreign institutions. The exchange is organized by the library.

Publication exchange

If your institution is interested in exchanging publications,, and you can find information about the publications here.

Donations and legacies

A significant part of the library’s content consists of book donations from art historians:

  • donations from the legacy of Dr. Milan Prelog consists of monographs, books and catalogues, separate prints and magazines;
  • donations from the legacy of Dr. Ana Deanović contain monographs, separate prints and magazine titles;
  • Dr. Žarko Domljan’s donations contain monographs and magazine titles;
  • from the legacy of academic Cvito Fisković, the library inherited an important collection of separate prints (offprints);
  • manuscript legacy of Prof. Grgo Gamulin contains hundreds of manuscripts, exhibition catalogues, offprints and a smaller number of magazines.