International conference – methods, practices, epistemologies

Digital Art History III

The international conference “Digital Art History – methods, practices, epistemologies” for the third time brings together scholars and practitioners from the fields of digital history of art and architecture, visual culture studies, museology, information science, art and design. Thirty participants from thirteen countries (Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA) will present their ongoing or recently completed research projects, covering topics that range from infrastructural requirements of digital projects, data modeling, digital mapping, and image analysis to the relationship between quantitative and qualitative methods, use of digital tools in education, and decolonization of Digital Art History / Digital Humanities.

The conference aims at critically examining recent developments in the field of Digital Art History, along with addressing the fundamental question of whether the ongoing infrastructural shifts towards online culture, education and research – towards online pedagogy, new types of virtual project research and management, new and different models of presenting born-digital and digitized cultural content – could provide a convincing argument for presenting this “online turn” as an unique opportunity for digital art history to demonstrate and put forward its huge capacity for experimentation and innovation within the broad area of visual culture and visual literacy.

Scientific committee
Petja Grafenauer, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana
Ljiljana Kolešnik, Institute of Art History, Zagreb
Vlatka Lemić, University Archives, University of Zagreb
Sanja Sekelj, Institute of Art History, Zagreb
Vinko Zlatić, Division of Theoretical Physics, Institute Ruđer Bošković, Zagreb
Goran Zlodi, Department of Information and Communication Sciences, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb

Organizing committee
Sanja Sekelj, Institute of Art History, Zagreb
Tihana Puc, Ministry of Culture and Media, Zagreb
Martina Bobinac, Institute of Art History, Zagreb
Ana Ćurić, Institute of Art History, Zagreb

Keynote Lectures
Roopika Risam, Ljiljana Kolešnik

Mike Bowman, Draženko Celjak, Leticia Crespillo Marí, Ivana Dorotić Malič, Patrícia Ferrari, Nadezda Gribkova, Emir Imamagić, Sharon Khalifa-Gueta, Ana Knežević, Dominik Lengyel, Vanda Lisanti, Maja Lorbek, Ivan Marić, Marta Matijević, Jurica Mlinarec, Lukáš Pilka, Ljiljana Poljak, Kristina Posavec, Voica Pușcașiu, Flore di Sciullo, Ann-Kathrin Seyffer, Barry Sunderland, Luja Šimunović, Catherine Toulouse, Ivana Turk, Stefania de Vincentis, Daniel Vrčić, Mengqui Wang, Katarina Zailac

Conference programme

Book of abstracts

The conference is held online. In order to register and receive the ZOOM link, please send an email with your name and surname before Monday, Ocotber 11th to The conference will also be live streamed on the Facebook Page of the Institute of Art History.

The conference is realized within the research project Models and Practices of Global Cultural Exchange and Non-Aligned Movement. Research in the Spatio-Temporal Cultural Dynamics financed by the Croatian Science Foundation, and the Slovenian Research Agency.


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