Organisational Structure

Organisational structure

The Institute of Art History (IAH) is organized through departments, research units and administrative services (units). Inner structure of the IAH is set forth in detail by the Regulation on Internal Organisation and by the Regulation on the Organisation of Job Positions of the IAH.

The work of the Institute is managed by the director and the Institute's Governing Council.

The IAH is organized into three main sections:

  • the Research Department,
  • the Expert Technical Support Department (ETSD)
  • the Administrative Department with supporting services.

Research department

The basic activity of the IAH – activities related to the programme regarding permanent research activities and other programme tasks is organized within the Research Department according to research units. The activities of the Research Department are coordinated by Director of IAH.

The Research Department employs 18 researchers and 6 assistants within Research Units (RU):

  1. the RU for Medieval Art;
  2. the RU for Built Heritage 16th – 19th c.;
  3. the RU for Painting, Sculpture and Crafts 16th – 19th c.;
  4. the RU for Built Heritage 19th – 20th c.;
  5. the RU for Modern and Contemporary art;
  6. the RU for Informational, Communicational and Theoretical Aspects of Art History
  7. the RU for Art Topography of Croatia

The subsidiary in Split – Cvito Fisković Centre and the Regional Centre for Arts, Culture and New Media were established in 2010.

The Research unit is responsible for planning, organizing and performing research activities within the scope of its historical-artistic areas (fields); it participates in production of artistic topography, study of opuses of certain artists, works of art, monuments and settlements within periods covered by its programme; it coordinates the activities of full- time and external associates on related programme topics; it is responsible for organizing activities related to the documentary processing and preparation of research data for the information database and artistic topography.

Expert technical support department (ETSD) is organised through work of four units:

  1. Architectural Unit and Plans Library
  2. Photographic Unit and Photoarchives
  3. Library and Archival Unit
  4. Information Documentation Unit

The Administrative department performs all administrative, personnel, bookkeeping and accounting activities as well as publishing, distribution and other supporting activities.